We are no longer accepting applications for this award. If your advisor has not sent your recommendation letter yet, they can email it to TravelAwardRT@GWIS.ORG by 5pm, March 1, 2019 (Friday). Thank you for your interest and good luck! 

Travel Award Application Form

Why did we start The Dr. Jennifer Leigh Ingram Travel Award?

GWIS Research Triangle Chapter had a surplus of funds that we were able to save when we hosted the GWIS National Meeting 3 years ago. We have put these funds into an endowment account this year, and we hope that in this way we will sustain the Travel Award for years to come. Dr. Ingram has made a generous donation to initiate funding of the Travel Award. This Travel Award is meant to support women in various fields as they present their originalresearch at scientific conferences, interact with their colleagues, and build their future as scientists and researchers.

2. Who is Dr. Jennifer Leigh Ingram?

Dr. Ingram is the founder of the Research Triangle Chapter and has served in the National GWIS Leadership since 2004 as National Fellowships Coordinator, National President and on the National Board of Directors. She founded our chapter in 2009 and is currently an Assistant Professor at Duke University School of Medicine, where her laboratory focuses on understanding cellular mechanisms of airway fibrosis in asthma. You can read more about her here.

3. What is the amount of the travel grant? 

$500 will be awarded to a single student, unless they indicate that they are willing to share 50% with another student, in which case it may be awarded to two competing applicants that score highly. These funds can only be used for travel and/or registration fees for national and international scientific conferences. Subsistence expenses (lodging and food) are not eligible. These funds are to be used within a year of being awarded, and the funds will be distributed to the awardee(s) as a reimbursement after the awardee(s) submit receipts for eligible expenses. 

4. Who is eligible to apply for the Travel Award? 

  • Women who are in graduate school, or postbaccalaureate, or postdoctoral fellowship and are presenting their work at a national or international scientific conference. 
    • The term “presenting” here refers to either a poster and/or oral presentation given by the winner of the Travel Award, with an acknowledgement to Graduate Women in Science – Research Triangle Chapter in the presentation materials included.
  • Women who are a part of institutions located within the state of North Carolina, USA. 
  • Women who are traveling to conferences located within the United States of America. 

5. Which fields of research are eligible to apply for this award?

The following fields are eligible for this award: 

  • Physical Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Earth Science
  • Life Sciences: Biological sciences
  • Social Sciences: Includes fields such as sociology and psychology
  • Medicine: Includes biomedical research 
  • Applied Sciences: Engineering, Environmental Sciences

Appropriate reviewers will be assigned based on the field of research.

5. What is the timeline of the Travel Award application and review process?

Applications open Thursday, January 17, 2019
Submission deadlineThursday, February 28, 2019
at 5pm
Winner Announcement June, 2019

The applicants will be reviewed by the reviewers from March 1 – May 10, 2019. 

Applications must include: 

  1. Curriculum Vitae (1-2 pages)
  2. Cover Letter explaining the significance of the research work and presenting at that particular conference, along with your contribution to the research being presented. 
  3. Broader Impact of the research and the researcher’s activities, especially for furthering representation of underrepresented communities in STEM, including women.
  4. Financial need for the applicant.
  5. Abstract that is understandable by people outside the field of application (max. 500 words)
  6. Recommendation Letter from the applicant’s academic advisor

6. What happens if I don’t get selected for the conference that I applied for the Travel Award for, in case I do win the award?

In case you win this award and do not subsequently get selected for the specific conference you wanted to travel to, please let us know via email about an alternative conference that you would be travelling to, ensuring that it is within the time frame of 1 year from the date that the award is given out to you. We will then reimburse you to travel to this alternate conference, if you are selected. 

In case you are the winner of this award but do not travel to present at any conference, we will not be reimbursing this award to you, and it will be presented to a winner in the next award cycle. 

7. What is the cost of applying? 

This application is free for everyone. Other factors being equal, preference will be given to active members of the Research Triangle, NC chapter of Graduate Women in Science. To become a member, please click here.

Only complete applications will be accepted. Incomplete applications or late applications will not be considered for review.