Grand Chapter Voting for Bylaw Amendments

At the recent National Meeting, National Council firmed up amendments to our bylaws. GWIS – Research Triangle Chapter has two votes to cast with Grand Chapter regarding these amendments. We would like our members to weigh in on the amendments.

Please review the proposed amendments below with their explanations. Then cast your votes HERE. You have until August, 15, 2017 to vote. The outcome of your votes will determine how GWIS – Research Triangle Chapter casts its two votes with Grand Chapter.

1. Changes to the Voting Period (LINK to amendment)

In the bylaws, voting takes place over 60 days, In the digital age we live in today, National has been discussing shortening the voting period to 30 days. This change will speed up business and allow the organization to be more nimble in decision processes. National is sensitive to the academic calendar and the timeline of our chapters, therefore we have also added that Chapters can request a 30 day extension on all voting measures.

2. Dissolution of the Membership Secretary (LINK to amendment) and Changes to the Membership Committee (LINK to amendment)

National is also restructuring one of the more active committees, the Membership Committee. The Membership Secretary position will be dissolved and the Chair of the Membership Committee will take its place. This way, Membership maintains a vote on National Council. The Membership Committee will be structured the same as the Nominating Committee, with three positions that will be filled via voting by Grand Chapter.