Fun Times at Spooky Science Trivia Night

Our annual Spooky Science Trivia Night for 2019 killed! Contestants wore themed costumes and answered 55 spooky science questions in teams of 3-6 people, enjoying brews and snacks—and of course candy—during our two-hour event. Teams chose inventive names such as the “8th Year Grad Students” and “Witches Be Crazy”.

Congratulations to the winning team and to everyone else for having the “guts” to attend Halloween Trivia!
Great Spooky Costume!

On their way to jail, a prisoner won our costume contest by applause. The runners up, a group costume by the 8th Year Grad Students, was too frightening to gander much applause in their costumes of “irreproducible data,” and the like. The 8th Year Grad Students went on to terrify us with their knowledge of spooky science trivia, slaying the competition in order to win our 2019 trivia prize.

Big Thank You to our MC Alice!

The staff of our venue, Raleigh Brewing Company, loved the decorations for the event so much that the manager asked we leave up as much as we wanted to part with. Overall the participants and organizers of GWIS-RT’s 2019 Spooky Science Trivia had plenty of laughs, screams, and – the scariest thing of all – networking! See you all again next year for another night of fun, trivia, and women in STEM.