Chapter Dues are Changing!

GWIS Grand Chapter recently voted to unify chapter dues. This is a beneficial move GWIS National, all of the GWIS Chapters and, most importantly, for all GWIS members as it will create consistency in dues structuring across all GWIS chapters and it will save GWIS National money which they intend to use to create more and better programming, services, and awards for members. This change in dues only applies to chapter dues and does not change national dues. Now, when you become a GWIS member or renew your GWIS membership the dues will be:

Affiliate: $15 ($5 to Chapters, $10 to National)

Graduate Student: $40 ($10 to Chapters, $30 to National)

Early Career: $60 ($15 to Chapters, $45 to National)

Professional: $85 ($20 to Chapters, $65 to National)

National Life: One time fee of $670 to National, $20 to Chapters each year

Emerita: $35 ($10 to Chapters, $25 to National)

To join GWIS or renew your GWIS membership, click here!